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The text summarizer by can accurately condense lengthy chunks of text while keeping the original meaning intact. Use it to quickly identify the key points of a document.

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How Does This Text Summarizer Generate Perfect Results? – Working Mechanism

Generally, summarizing tools rely on either the abstractive or extraction approach to shrink a lengthy piece of text to its main points. But our summary generator uses the combination of both these methods, which is the major reason for its accuracy. Here is a brief breakdown of the five stages working at the backend of this tool:

Phase 1


When you process the content with our text summarizer, it first divides the entire input into various small words. Our tool does this step to make the entire summary generation process easier for its algorithms.

Phase 2


A tool can’t understand various forms of verbs as humans. To cater to the different verb forms within the input, our online summarizing tool performs stemming. Here, this web utility converts all the verbs to their base forms. For instance, the 2nd (went) and 3rd (gone) verb forms of ‘go’ will be interpreted as go.

Phase 3

Elimination of Stop Words

A summary is a short form of a text. Therefore, in the third phase, this AI summarizer removes all the unnecessary terms from the input. The tool eliminates stop words like ‘ (spaces),’ ‘and,’ and ‘is’ because they are meaningless.

Phase 4

Maintaining Consistent Formatting

Uppercase and lowercase letters can also be confusing for machines. Therefore, this text summarizer takes care of that by changing the casing of characters into either lower or upper case.

Phase 5

Actual Summarization Process

This stage begins with getting an understanding of the text, which is done using Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP assists this summary generator in comprehending the relationship of the phrases and terms with the context of the input. This understanding ultimately helps our tool comprehend the importance of each sentence.

After understanding the importance, this web utility assigns a score to each sentence. For instance, an important sentence will have a higher score than an unnecessary sentence. Then, it combines the most important sentences to provide the users with an accurate summary.

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Key Features – Why One Should Prefer Our Text Summarizer?


This summary generator is not language-dependent. It operates in multiple languages. Users can process the text written in their preferred language with this tool.

Summary Length

Although our text summarizer automates the process of summary generation, it provides complete control to its users. They can set the length of the required summary, and our tool will operate accordingly.

Multiple Output
Presentation Modes

This summarizing tool presents the generated output in the form of key sentences and a complete paragraph. The key sentences will provide ready-made bullet points for presentations, whereas the passage form presents the most important information in the form of a coherent paragraph.

Unique Summary

Our tool doesn’t use the wording from the input to create a summary. It uses unique and original words to create insightful summaries. Therefore, its output will always be free of plagiarism.

Fast and

Since this text summarizer uses advanced AI technologies to create summaries, it automates the entire process. Using this tool will ultimately save time and increase the productivity of users.

How to Summarize Your Text with This Summarizing Tool? – Steps

You won’t need any training to enjoy the features of this summary generator because of their self-explanatory nature. Just perform the following steps:

Text Summarizer

Upload the document file or enter the text in the designated space.

Adjust the slider to set the length of the required summary.

Text Summarizer
Text Summarizer

Click on the ‘Summarize’ button.

This text summarizer will instantly generate a concise version of the input.

Text Summarizer
Text Summarizer

Copy the result or download it in the form of a file to export it.

Who Can Use Our AI Summarizing Tool?

Anyone can benefit from this summary generator. Here are some of the most common users of this tool:


Distilling a lengthy piece of content into insightful summaries requires complete focus and exceptional reading and writing skills. Even the availability of these things doesn’t guarantee a perfect output. This situation often poses a challenge to students. But our summarizing tool solves this issue for students.


Writers often have to read multiple resources during the research phase in order to find information on a topic. This process consumes a lot of time. When time is short, the fear of looming deadlines can pressurize the writers, which ultimately impacts their creativity. This is where our tool will prove helpful.


Reading lengthy chunks of text often becomes boring. Therefore, people prefer reading the gist instead of the entire thing. But generally, bloggers completely overlook the importance of a conclusion. This often results in a lower engagement ratio and higher bounce rate. But you can prevent this by using our text summarizer.

With this AI-based summarizing tool, all you have to do is input the content of your blog post and process it. Our web utility will accurately focus on the key points. You can use the generated summary to include a conclusion within your blog post without any additional effort.