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Rewrite articles instantly without typing a single word. Try this free article rewriter and generate unlimited articles in a few minutes.

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How to Rewrite Articles with Our AI tool?

Rewriting articles is no longer a laborious task. Follow the simple steps and rewrite articles without typing a single word.

Upload the article by pasting the text in the given field. You can also upload the text file on this article rewriter by pressing the Upload button.

Choose the Article Rewriting Mode from the given options.

Click on the Rewrite Article button to initiate the text restructuring process.

Our AI-powered rewrite article tool will work on your submitted text and provide you with an entirely new version of the same article.

Copy the text and paste it into your writing, or simply download the text file by pressing the Download button.

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How Does Our Article Rewriter Tool Work?

Our article rewriting tool uses artificial intelligence technology and is based on advanced natural language processing algorithms. This top-notch technology gives our tool the ability to process your input and restructure the text by replacing words with more suitable synonyms. This tool also improves the style and tone of the text to enhance its engagement and make it reader-friendly. Once you upload the text on this article rewriting tool, the facility will rewrite it and provide you with an entirely new version of the content in a few seconds. You only need to copy the generated text and use it in your writing project. This advanced tool gives newbies, students, and researchers a great way to create unique articles in a short span.

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Important Features of This Article Rewriting Tool?

The top-notch article rewriter offers its users the simplest and fastest way to generate plagiarism-free articles. Below are some major features of this article rewriting utility that make it perfect for all other online tools.

Advanced Backend Algorithms

The online article rewrite tool is based on AI algorithms that scan your uploaded text thoroughly and then rewrite it. Unlike most rewriting tools, this utility not only changes the words with better synonyms but also improves the structure of the sentences to give you the best rewriting results.

Multiple Modes

This article rewriter has multiple modes that enable you to perform the article rewriting as per your preferences. This unique feature helps users change the style and tone of the content according to their requirements and get the best rephrasing results.

Flawless Results

Accuracy of the article rephrasing is our guarantee. The advanced AI article rewriter has the capability to generate fast and reliable output. The tool conducts a deep analysis of your entered text and then rewrites the text to provide you with flawless output. You can cross-check the results of this article by rephrasing the tool with any other tool.

100% Unique Text

Plagiarism is a severe problem that leads students to face serious complications. Our online article rephrasing tool gives users an easy way to remove instances of plagiarism from their written content instantly. The tool replaces the copied text with fresh content, which saves you from making manual efforts. You can verify the genuineness of the rewritten articles with any online plagiarism checker.

Free for Everyone

Are you searching for a free way to rephrase plenty of articles? Try this AI article rephraser and restructure countless articles without paying a single penny. This utility doesn’t demand any premium membership or any other complex process to follow for rewriting articles. The only thing that you will need to use this online article rephraser is a secure internet connection.

Key Benefits of Using Our Article Rewriter

The online article rewriter offers students, researchers, and writers the simplest way to create the best quality content in a limited time. The other major advantages of using this online article rewriter are shared below.


Improves Content Readability

The online AI article rewriter has the ability to eliminate all the mistakes from your text and provide you with engaging and appealing articles in no time. This free tool improves the sentence structure and vocabulary of your written content. The generated articles will be easily understandable for the readers.


Removes Plagiarism

Duplication in the text can cause serious trouble for students. They may also lose their credibility if they are found committing this unethical act. Therefore, it is essential for students to remove any plagiarized piece of text in their written article to avoid any unpleasant situation. Our article rewriter gives them a perfect option to remove duplication from their content. Moreover, it allows you to generate multiple versions of an article with a few clicks.


Saves Time

Rewriting articles manually requires a considerable amount of time. You need to learn the core meaning of the content and then rewrite it in your own words. This will consume more time if the article is lengthy. Our AI-powered article rewriter gives you the opportunity to save your efforts and restructure lengthy articles in a few seconds. Yes! Using this online tool, you can rewrite any article instantly. Simply submit the text and get it restructured straightaway.


Repurpose Old Content

Crafting inspiring and unique articles on the same topic is not an easy job. However, the free article rewriting tool gives you the liberty to reuse your previously published articles instantly. You can use this utility to generate fresh articles from old content. This will definitely enable you to complete your assigned task without starting from scratch.

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How to Rewrite Articles Online?

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With our free online tool, you can rewrite unlimited articles. Simply upload the text file or paste the article in the given field. Our online article rewriter will automatically rephrase your articles and give you accurate and unique rewritten articles quickly.

Is Using Article Rewriter Illegal?

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No! Using our free tool for rewriting articles is perfectly fine until you are presenting others’ work as your own creation. Citing the source of original content in rephrased content is suggested to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Is This Article Rewriter Free for Everyone?

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Yes! The AI article rewriting tool is completely free. You don’t need to waste a single coin or install any application to access and use this online rewrite articles tool.

Do I Need to Register to Use This Article Rewriter?

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Not at all! The tool never asks its users to share any personal information or sign up to use it. You can use it anytime without any such restrictions and rewrite unlimited articles.