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Plagiarism Checker – Identify
Duplication Like a Pro!

Are you tired of failing to detect plagiarism accurately in your content? If yes, then is here for your rescue. The plagiarism checker tool offered on this web portal utilizes advanced techniques to spot instances of duplication from the content submitted by the users. The state-of-the-art technology used in its development helps you identify duplicate content like a pro. So, whether your text is completely or partially plagiarized, this tool will help you detect it anytime, anywhere!

Check Plagiarism Online in 3 Simple Steps

The user-friendly interface of our plagiarism checker makes it quite convenient for users to detect plagiarism without facing any hassle. The 3 simple steps shared below can be followed to execute this task:

Submit the text in the given box, or upload the document file by browsing it from your device.

Hit the “Check Plagiarism” button to start the process.

In a matter of seconds, the tool will display the percentage gauges to let you know about the proportion of unique and plagiarized text.

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If you are searching for the best plagiarism checker over the web, then your hunt is over. The plagiarism checker by is an exceptional tool that generates and delivers unmatchable results. Here are some features that make it a top-notch utility to check plagiarism online:

Free of Cost

The plagiarism checker tool on this platform doesn’t charge a penny from any of its users. It is a freeware utility that allows you to conduct as many plagiarism tests as you want free of cost.

100% Accurate

The vast database of our plagiarism checker contains data from billions of web pages that are publicly available. Hence, the results of plagiarism identification delivered by this tool are 100% accurate.

Plagiarism Scan Report

The plagiarism detector doesn’t just let you know about the existence of duplication in your content. It also generates a downloadable plagiarism scan report that can be used as proof of your content’s originality.


This plagiarism checker is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems. You can easily access this tool over the web to check plagiarism online with just a single requirement, i.e., a stable internet connection.

Why is it Essential to Use a Plagiarism Detector?

A plagiarism detector is a helpful tool for individuals involved in writing tasks. When you are jotting down words for any kind of write-up, it is essential to authenticate its originality with a plagiarism checker. Here are some reasons that make it a must-have tool:


Avoid Legal Issues

When you proceed with a piece of text containing plagiarism and get it published, you may end up inviting legal troubles for yourself. It usually happens when the original author figures it out and sues you for this copyright infringement. You can avoid such issues by simply using a plagiarism detector, which can keep you informed about the existence of duplication in your content.


Save Reputation

While running an online business or blog, you need to be cautious about your authority and credibility in this competitive environment. If the readers come across instances of plagiarism in your work, then it can hurt your reputation in the online market. Hence, in order to save your repute, you should make use of a plagiarism checker.



Besides annoying the readers, plagiarism can also have an adverse effect on the SEO efforts you have invested in your website. Google and other search engines have strict policies against plagiarism. Web pages containing duplicated content can face a decline in their rankings on SERP. Therefore, you should use a plagiarism detector and get rid of plagiarized content to save yourself from facing this setback.


Cite Sources

Citations are an important part of academic tasks, and students are required to include them with utmost accuracy. However, sometimes, they may lose track of sources from where they acquired data for their assignments. In such situations, using a plagiarism checker can be the best solution, as it also presents the sources from where your text is copied. In addition, you can also use this tool to cross-check the accuracy of sources you have cited in your academic work.

Does this Plagiarism Checker Detect AI Content?

Does this Plagiarism Checker Detect AI Content?

The arrival of generative AI and its widespread usage in digital and academic backgrounds have made people think that it is an evolved form of plagiarism. However, AI and plagiarized content are different from one another; hence, this plagiarism checker cannot detect AI content.

Detect AI

Who Should Use this Online Plagiarism Checker?

The usage of our online plagiarism checker isn’t restricted to a certain group of individuals. There are some fields where using it is a compulsion to avoid the negative consequences of plagiarism. It won’t be a big deal to copy data if you are sharing some sort of information informally. However, when it comes to the creation of format content, such as blog writing, copywriting, scriptwriting, etc., ensuring originality is inevitable. Below is the list of professionals who should use this plagiarism detection utility:

Business Managers Content Writers Copywriters Scriptwriters Students Teachers Examiners Supervisors